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Terror-finance rulings the Supremes must strike down, despite Biden’s pleas

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

In #NYPost #Opinion article titled "Terror-finance rulings the Supremes must strike down, despite Biden’s pleas" ( by Michael R. Pompeo #MichaelPompeo states: "The Supreme Court is set to decide if it will consider two important terror-financing cases centering on the ability of Americans who have been harmed in terrorist attacks to seek redress against financial institutions that knowingly funnel money to fronts for terrorist organizations such as Hamas.

But the Biden administration has urged the justices to let lower court rulings stand in Weiss v. National Westminster Bank and Strauss v. Credit Lyonnais — and so undercut 25 years of bipartisan consensus that Americans must be able to seek redress against those who knowingly facilitate terrorism..." I (Joseph M Lenard (Author: "Terror Strikes - Coming soon to a City near you!")) could not agree more. Once again the #Biden Administration, and #Democrats (aka: #FASCICRATS (see related: in general again showing they are WEAK ON #CRIME of all types and sorts and even siding with #Terrorists over #USCitizen's #Safety, #Security, and other interests. If, rather when, #Democrat Administrations and/or the Liberal / Left-wing #DeepState Criminal / Terrorist coddlers refuse to Act in our interests and bringing Federal #Terrorism Statute (#Felonies) charges, we must have CIVIL LEGAL RECOURSE. And it begs-the-question: Do Democrats HATE AMERICAN CITIZENS (their own Countrymen) - which any common-sense review of the #evidence over countless years of several Democrat Administrations that conclusion is YES! #FASCICRATS seem to hate the #USA and our #REPUBLICan (the Political System, not the Party) and #Constitution form of #Governance. These items and more are discussed in "Terror Strikes - Coming soon to a City near you!"

see about this and many other important related sub-themes in: "Terror Strikes - Coming soon to a City near you!" Email: Tags: Entertainment, Books, Terrorism, JLenardDetroit, Illumify Media, McHenry Press, FACTion - Historical Fiction Industry: Books Location: Wyandotte - Michigan - United States Subject: Products Page Updated Last on: Jun 13, 2022 Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)

Born of the 1960s, very much a person of the 1980s.

Lifelong (by choice) resident Wyandotte Michigan.

Former Information Technology professional.

Political issues blogger/speaker/writer/vlogger.

Author: Terror Strikes – Coming soon to a City near you!

Social-Media (100k+ reach over) Before It's News, CloutHub, FreeTalk, GAB, GETTR, Instagram, LibertyCentric, LOCALS, MINDS, MeWe, Nextdoor, Parler, PolitiChatter, Rescue Michigan, Spreely, Twitter. Contact: Also related:

Published: JUNE 15, 2022 21:07 #WeissVNationalWestminsterBank #StraussVCreditLyonnais Meanwhile, Democrats protect would-be Terrorist Assassins rather than #SOTUS #Justices...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A bit about Joseph M. Lenard:

Joseph is very politically active in south-east Michigan. He is a MIGOP Delegate, a member of current MICD12GOP and is the webmaster for the MI 12CDRC as well as the Taylor Republican Club, as also a member of the Wayne-12CDRC and is the editor for its newsletter.

Joseph’s body of works contain copyrighted and published poetry. Joseph has written and recorded music, in the tradition of the Lenard family legacy; though not entirely in the tradition of his father Thaddeus, who was creator/leader of “The Polka Kings” that often toured throughout northeast United States.

​In addition, Joseph has about a dozen copyrighted short-stories including Watchful Eyes (sci-fi), Blue Monday (political thriller), Funhouse of Terror (horror) to his credit, as well as one other novel titled, The Gestapo Kidnap File. Joseph was also winner of CJOM (Windsor Ontario Canada) radio contest in the 1980’s with his radio play “The Adventures of Detective Idle” based upon the Billy Idol song, Eyes without a Face, to which it was paired with.

He resides in Michigan. see too the full ABOUT THE AUTHOR page.


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