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Joseph M Lenard would like to Thank CIMX (88.7 FM, Windsor Ontario Canada) for continuing to look for a better quality digital copy (the originally  and Professionally (by them) recorded for air) of this old Gem (currently recovered from old typed copy from Copyright 1984 application, read by the Author Joseph M Lenard). 

CJOM (89x, formerly Alternative Music Station, now/currently known as CIMX (Pure Country)) played a large role in Joseph M Lenard's early/formative writing years/skills. Joseph M Lenard Won a week of CJOM's (89x's) "Radio Play" Contest. 

Below is that Radio Play that was Joe's winning entry, and how Billy Idol (as Joe said he had) "affirmed" his writing talent as his "The Adventures of Detective Idle" won as Radio Play among 1,000's of entries to accompany the "Song pick of the Week (Billy Idol's 'Eyes without a Face')"


now CIMX

CIMX - Pure Country.jfif
TheAdventuresOfDetectiveIdle.MP3Joseph M Lenard
00:00 / 02:51
00:00 / 00:30
00:00 / 02:51

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And, of course, be sure to see BILLY IDOL in THE WEDDING SINGER movie (if you haven't already)

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