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Born, raised, remains a resident, Wyandotte Michigan (southern suburb of Detroit Michigan). Former Information Technology Professional. Political issues blogger/vlogger. I've been writing my whole life, and am eager to release TERROR STRIKES.

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TERROR STRIKES: Affiliates, Interviews, Press ReleasesQuotes, Reviews, Trailer


Gain an inside look into the terrorist tracks leading up to the deadliest attack on American soil as well as the existing real dangers still posed by those who wish to form American public opinion, and manipulate behavior through scare tactics, by targeting innocents.

When Terror Strikes … Terrorist Tracks, the book within the book being developed by Marten, weaves a tale of factual events and fictional portrayal of a hypothetical scenario of a soon to take place attack on Americans in the heartland to send a message that no-one is safe from the contended long reach of fanatic al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, and other GIJIAS (Global Islamic Jihadist Interim Army Soldiers) with many associated names, and even domestic threats to Western Culture.

NOT a book of Death... but of LIFE AND LIVING. Yes, about Terrorism, but it is NOT a book about Death but of Life and Living! Life, over Death. Hope, over Fear. Faith, over Despair. Love, over Hate. Good, over Evil. Individualism, over Collectivism. Freedom, over Tyranny. Family, and Friends.

Follow the TERRORIST TRACKS and their assault against our way of Life.

This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign and domestic) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. This book is intended for all audiences - young, old, and everywhere in-between; male, female; religious, non-religious; political, non-political. However, it is impossible to address the topic and why they want to kill us without delving into some religious texts and politics. The Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran, are all, places there-in, addressed. 

Islamic fundamentalists terrorists - who they are, what they have done, what they are doing, and why they will never be able to be persuaded to stop.

Past, present, future - converging.     [Mon. Feb. 6th 2023 update - see too: LIFE AND LIVING page]

From the book . . . AWAKENING chapter . . .

Marten realized the indefectible truth that the war against terrorism was the ultimate existential fight of good versus evil. It is the undeniable struggle of those who desire all mankind to live in peace and prosperity allied against those that hate. The hatreds based on jealousy, blind bigotry, unrestrained power, and unjustified and irrational religious notions.

Misguided by personal scars that foment hatred, desire for power, and vengeance, these GIJIA (Global Islamic Jihad Interim Army, or GIJIAS: Global Islamic Jihadist Interim Army Soldier) members, believers, and supporters, are driven to kill. Misconceived and distorted notions of non-Islamic peoples provide a fertile ground to weave the deceptive seeds of hate. This perverse conjecture of lumping entire classes of people into one prejudiced assembly, of course, is not limited to nowadays terrorist hate mongers, but has never before been such a prevalent and destructive force.

GIJIA consist of the most extreme Islamic/Muslim radicals, fundamentalists; and some would even point out correctly; “fascists.” It is quite clear that these individuals, and those that support them, believe that they are the only ones qualified to determine what is moral and good, and that they must impose those beliefs on the world. They are not happy with having their own countries, they are compelled to enslave the entire planet to their proclivities.

An issue of education and perspective exists. Somehow people have come to equate fascism with Nazism, while synonymous in the 1930’s Germany respect, it is not mutually exclusive across the board. While all Nazi’s, members of the National Socialist Deutschland Arbeiter Party during The Second World War were fascists in nature, not all fascists are Nazi’s.

Many modern fascists agree to the precepts of use of control through regulations of businesses for benefit of the state, without direct take-over and ownership attributed to communism, how is there really any demonstrable difference, Marten wondered how people cannot grasp.

From the book . . . AL ALDIEAYA chapter . . .

It was clear, at least in Marten’s mind, that these fanatics would never cease attacking Americans – home or abroad. Why otherwise reasonable people could not see that this is strictly an issue of power and religious zealotry remains beyond him. They want us dead, and it will not end unless we allow them to destroy us or we are able to defeat them militarily no matter the haven, no matter the otherwise politically delineated borders they hide within. It seemed the world was full of Neville Chamberlain types; and very few had learned histories lesson!

From the book . . . COMIC RELIEF chapter . . .

Patch Adams discovered that laughter helped the sick heal faster. Whether it be solely the chemical releases, temporarily distracting oneself from the illness, or both was hardly relevant, just that it clearly worked. A scientific study could never really fully quantify the theorem, but is now widely accepted as true. It is not a case of ‘Schrodinger Cat’ as a patient cannot be both treated with just medicine and also treated with doses of humor at the same time. You cannot clone a patient, at least not yet, to conduct such a true legitimate comparison on the same subject under both conditions.

The distance between a laugh and a good cry, is not a great expanse. Have you ever laughed so hard you began to cry? Conversely, tears to a point of giddiness does exist. It can become present when acceptance is achieved and we finally adapt. The merriment can only come if we realize how overly self-important, we allowed ourselves to be fooled into.

Humor, for Marten, became a double edge sword. Indeed, he used it as a deflection at times he feels down. As yet another old adage goes: “if we don’t laugh, we’d be crying” at times as things present in our lives. Sometimes we just react, other times we choose how we respond to any given situation.


From the book . . . MISDIRECTION chapter . . .

The truth be told is that it is not just the GIJIAS that spread such misgivings and strife amongst all peoples. Much information, of religious nature, has been lost or withheld from the masses. Each faith, and what only makes sense to each religious conviction, is to pass on only the knowledge and wisdom that is desired to be bestowed upon its believers.

Humankind has only been able to grasp a certain degree of enlightenment, in regard to its own pretexts, let alone ‘supposedly’ conflicting creeds. The very nature of the separation of many denominations of the Christian faith demonstrates that fact. Some of the very foundations of the Christian faith beg question. It is demanded that ‘faith’ allow acceptance, and that all truth shall be imparted upon our ascension.

From the book . . . NAPERVILLE (IL) chapter. . .


Theresa, while she thought she was fully mindful of the need to be a protector of, by, for, her child,
realized she was far more an ostrich; in this regard, on this topic; than the mama-bear she need be.

Just how close to death they were, should the IED have exploded, indeterminable, but a massive

For more "samplings" from the book see the QUOTES from the book page.


From the Author

This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign and domestic) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

This book is intended for all audiences - young, old, and everywhere in-between; male, female, not just for macho shoot-em-up, blood and guts, fare; religious, non-religious; political, non-political. However, it is impossible to address the topics and why they want to kill us without delving into some religious texts and politics. The Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran, are all addressed. 

Islamic fundamentalists (GIJIAS (Global Islamic Jihadist Interim Army Soldiers)) terrorists - who they are, what they have done, what they are doing, and why they will never be able to be persuaded to stop.

From the Inside Flap

"Terror Strikes - Coming soon to a City near you!" from Joseph M. Lenard who puts the traditional "formulaic writing guidelines" through the shredder for a book like no other.

Joseph M Lenard and Terror Strikes book affiliated with...
the Authors Show, Buy Michigan Now, Illumify Media / McHenry Press, Kreative Circle, Mammoth Nation, OnlineBookClub, PSI-TV


Honor. Integrity. Patriotism.  ---  For some people these are words. For bestselling author Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies – every day - deeply engrained in every facet of his life and work.

It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his latest #1 bestselling historical fiction novel, Terror Strikes. The book has been compared to The Sum of All Fears and Deep Impact. Joseph M. Lenard shred the “creative writing process formulaic methodologies” to create a writing style and literature like no other Author before.

Billed as a book for conservatives, but appropriate for all readers, this extraordinary new book is a stunning achievement, set apart from even the best historical fiction books, as it clearly demonstrates the need for situational awareness and vigilance in a world in which mass shootings and other forms of terrorism have become the norm. Reviewers have called the book "compelling", "historically accurate", and utterly "unique".

Terror Strikes connects the dots of not just foreign terrorists, but those both foreign and domestic that abhor Western culture and their attempts through terror attacks and other more shadowy undermining of our collective freedom to enjoy  our individual lives, liberty, and the personal pursuit of happiness.

Whether you are a staunch conservative, a prepper, or just have concerns about what is happening in American life/society today, Terror Strikes will answer many of the questions you have regarding terrorism, foreign and domestic, and will make for a remarkable reading experience.


Learn more about "Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!" by reading more on the HOME page​ or consider reading the special (page you are currently on) page (see too the​ and pages).

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Important questions to be examined
Have Terror Strikes STOPPED during the Wuhan Lockdowns?
Would a national/federal BROKEN WINDOWS policing policy have prevented 9/11?
What is a GIJIA? and/or What are GIJIAS?
What is SCHRODINGER CAT theorem and what does it have to do with this book?
Who was ARETHUSA and what does she have to do with Terrorism today?
How do I avoid metaphors in my book and why? (humor)
What genre is this book, really? (not as simple as you'd assume)
What does HELL MICHIGAN have to do with this book?
more (see discussion points)….

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