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- Life and Living, NOT Death

Someone (elsewhere, actually over on the RETALK Social-Media platform) basically ACCUSED Joseph M. Lenard and TERROR STRIKES of dealing in FEAR PORN.... 


FURTHER... about Joseph M. Lenard's Social-Media posts, blogs/articles, etc., and TERROR STRIKES book...

Yes, OK, there is a difference between

warn against CARELESSNESS & WRECKLESSNESS (being CLUELESS) living - need for degree of situational-awareness

if you want to dare death, go ahead (but I bet you don't actually live life that way)...

Vs FEAR PORN (which Joseph M. Lenard does NOT engage in, but #ENEMEdia has been daily with the overblown Wuhan Hysteria and whether the Jabs are more dangerous to the masses than the disease (or, to-hell-with-it-all  it all, just let every day be a crap shoot))!! This book about LIFE And LIVING sensibly!

TERROR STRIKES asks/warns you to, at least, BE ALERT to potentials and at least TRY to prevent BAD THINGS

This book is NOT A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, DESTRUCTION, PANIC, PARANOIA, FEAR PORN, BUT INSTEAD ONE OF "LIFE AND LIVING" just not being a complete fucking moron clueless and careless to "the Life, and bad things (even just threat of General Crime, a more dire threat with FASCICRATS letting Criminals back out onto the Streets on a daily basis vs a "direct Terror threat killing them specifically" also covered in the book)" around us all.

LIFE (including UnBorn) AND LIVING, and those both foreign (terrorists) and domestic (US FASCICRATS) trying to deprive folks of LIFE, LIBERTY, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Yes, this book is about Terrorism, in-so-far-as it is the main story-driving thread and theme --- but it is NOT a book about Death but of Life and Living: Life, over Death; Hope, over Fear; Faith, over Despair; Love, over Hate; Good, over Evil; Individualism, over Collectivism; Freedom, over Tyranny; Family, and Friends; and again PRO-LIFE!

Do you have a few can foods and/or other "supplies" to care for yourself (or do you not care about being able to care for anyone else either) if a STORM disrupts things around you for a few days OR just live minute to minute clueless and careless?!?!

DESPITE your rhetoric, I'd bet it's the former and not the latter.

AND THAT is one of the many important messages in my book.

And, yes, of course, we could all be ACCIDENTALLY BE HIT BY A BUS AND KILLED tomorrow - but a big difference between whether one has the thought capacity to pay attention and NOT WALK BLINDLY ONTO STREETS!


But, again, I bet you actually do "get it!"


Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)

Author, blogger, cancer survivor, GoldAffiliate, podcaster, political activist, speaker, social-media influencer, writer 

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The only people normally oppose Joseph M. Lenard and this book (and CARE AND CONCERN FOR OTHERS' SAFETY AND WELL-BEING) are LIB SNOWFLAKES cuz they know it is indeed NOT JUST ABOUT TERRORISM and FASCICRATS killing both Americans and America itself from within.


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