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Was Jan6 a White Nationalists Insurrection...

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

[originally published on BeforeItsNews Jan 2022] Short answer: HELL NO! #January6th: #FACTS vs left-wing #FICTION (aka: #LIES) - an HONEST (something the Left can never be) analysis... [New book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES:,, and how Christianity is under assault by not just GIJIAS but THE US LEFT also] 1st, NO Trump did NOT incite an "Insurrection" (let alone a riot)... The "incidents" (each needing its own examination at the Capitol... ... started BEFORE Trump had ended his speech ... started BEFORE Trump's "march to the Capitol in PEACEFUL protest" line ... absolutely BEFORE any of those at Trumps speech could have "MARCHED" to the Capitol The crowd at the Capitol, was mostly those looking to create "issues" regardless of what Trump said NOT ONE PERSON actually at the Capitol and caught on tape INCITING VIOLENCE charged with such.

NOT ALL INSURRECTIONS ARE EQUAL (in image form (NOTE, B4IN strips images from articles after one year and the articles moved to archive servers, in order for them to maintain cruxt of pieces but save space))..

There are COUNTLESS HOURS of Video showing ANTIFA changing into Trump gear that were/are the Violent one's and one's that engaged in the damage of the Capitol, also countless hours of Video showing Capitol Cops taking down barriers and WAVING IN the "soon to be made PATSIES" of the Jan6 FAKE "INSURRECTION" narratives just like them holding open the Doors of the Capitol and waving SUCKERS in.

Bottom line, why has none of the thousands of hours of VIDEO EVIDENCE showing that the Capitol Police took down most of the Barricades, held open the Capitol doors and waved people in, etc, been/being shown? (Obvious Answer, like all these Questions - doesn't fit the Left narrative) Who planted the Pipe-bombs? and to what end?, no arrests! Where is the FBI instigator these days and why wasn't he arrested for incitement? Why haven't the known ANTIFA plants who did the broken window damage been arrested? and on and on, the real CRIMINALS were not arrested, but others held on trumped up charges. And where has any coverage and comparison gone to/with when Left-Wing INSURRECTIONISTS agitators that occupied the US Capitol before? And what of when Left-Wing INSURRECTIONISTS occupied the WI Capitol for weeks preventing WIGov Scott Walker and GOP controlled Legislature from doing the WI Peoples' business?? SEE MORE IN THE JAN 6 VLOG: SEE THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE ( to see all the Images and Videos.

(Source: Twitter)

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Look me up once you join the other sites to be Friends there too: and post articles, like I do, for sharing, at BeforeItsNews: (older ones at: and really old ones at: Yes, I have been BANNED since July 2020 but have Filed Official complaint with FCC (minor details on that in amidst the other stuff about Twatter) if the RINOs in DC ever get serious about Section 230 hearings and crackdown on the BLATANT LIES Dorsey and Zuckerberg have told to them (funny, others are JAILED for NOT telling LIES (just make minor errors in recollection) to FBI and/or Congress, but ZERO happens to these LIARS) maybe one day I’ll be able to reclaim my Account! I do know, however, from what others have told me, that my FB “Page” ( ) still exists which I hope you’ll check out and “LIKE” just to piss-off the FascistBook crew!

Remember that LAST TIME that the Left/Democrats didn't get their way about people they considered LESS THAN HUMAN (Slaves)?? And they continue their same discredit "NOT HUMAN" arguments toward their BABY KILLER position today (see related: They still cling to their same JIM CROW LAWS (yes, passed by Democrats and over-turned by SCOTUS' past), SEGREGATION Codes, etc... Remember when they got upset over DREDSCOTT and BrownVBoard and other PRECEDENCES of their JimCrow and ANTI-BLACK Laws being over-turned?!?!

-------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 10 2022 UPDATE: Now, of course, the Left will have ZERO INTEREST in Jan 6 - well, after we hit Jan 2023 that is. We thought you all wanted a FULL INVESTIGATION?? Once the #GOP takes control of the #USHouse and the Committees, ALL THE #EVIDENCE AND #FACTS will start being examined, and the Left isn't interested in that, they are only interested in having their sham #DogAndPonyShow complete Committee of #Trump hater #propaganda driven clowns false-narratives to fit their #agenda version continue through the FASCICRATS controlled LAME DUCK session then want it dropped!

and: -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- #ElectionReform needed in all 50 States immediately... 8 steps that must be enacted IMMEDIATELY...

---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU'VE MADE IT TO THE END, SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT READ THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. PERHAPS YOU KNOW SOME THAT PREFER VLOGS?!?! So, here a few Jan 2022 ones that I hope you'll watch and SHARE with those you know will NOT bother to read blogs. I am trying to do a few more vlogs now, so do not be surprised if you see a low view count (on one platform, cuz others may be seeing them on OTHER VIDEO (like Vimeo, Rumble, Brighteon) PLATFORMS instead.... -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------

#MeghanMcCain's new book: "BAD REPUBLICAN" is a major flop selling only a couple hundred books in months. She is a NATIONALLY KNOWN FIGURE, where-as I am not... I'm an ACTUAL #AUTHOR, w/ a REAL #BOOK. ("Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!" not just #Terrorism, but PRO #AMERICA, #PROLIFE, PRO #FAMILY, PRO #MAGA, fare)!

Hers, of course, was not about a book that would actually interest anyone to buy and they do not really care if it sells (they gave her big up-front bucks she won't have to pay back as reward for her manure peddling), and is just all about MONEY LAUNDERING (from a Left wing Publisher) to a #RINO for hit piece material Liberal #ENEMEdia can spew!

I, however, have to actually SELL BOOKS! All the #RINO class like Meghan know they can get big $'s (from Lefty loon Publishers, willing to pay big bucks for the attack material, NOT to sell books and make a profit but really just DARK MONEY AND BACK-HANDED CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO TRY TO BOLSTER #FASCICRATS by attacking Conservatives) they write manure attacking AMERICA LOVING PATRIOTS for the same purpose to hurt REAL CONSTITUTIONALIST CONSERVATIVES.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A bit about Joseph M. Lenard:

Joseph is very politically active in south-east Michigan. He is a MIGOP Delegate, a member of current MICD12GOP and is the webmaster for the MI 12CDRC as well as the Taylor Republican Club, as also a member of the Wayne-12CDRC and is the editor for its newsletter.

Joseph’s body of works contain copyrighted and published poetry. Joseph has written and recorded music, in the tradition of the Lenard family legacy; though not entirely in the tradition of his father Thaddeus, who was creator/leader of “The Polka Kings” that often toured throughout northeast United States.

​In addition, Joseph has about a dozen copyrighted short-stories including Watchful Eyes (sci-fi), Blue Monday (political thriller), Funhouse of Terror (horror) to his credit, as well as one other novel titled, The Gestapo Kidnap File. Joseph was also winner of CJOM (Windsor Ontario Canada) radio contest in the 1980’s with his radio play “The Adventures of Detective Idle” based upon the Billy Idol song, Eyes without a Face, to which it was paired with.

He resides in Michigan. see too the full ABOUT THE AUTHOR page.


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