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Al-Zawahiri was killed by US forces in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Al-Zawahiri was killed by US forces in Afghanistan on Sunday.

On Monday, President Biden announced that a counterterrorism operation took out Ayman Al-Zawahiri, an Al Qaeda leader involved in the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York City as well as being a major player in the slaughter of Egyptian Leader Anwar Sadat in 1981. The operation took place nearly 11 years after the 9/11 attack on US soil.

"Finally," was the first phrase bestselling author Joseph M. Lenard uttered. He then went more in-depth with his analysis of the situation:

Ayman Al ZaWahiri pitcured here with Usama Bin Laden (image courtesy: CNN)

"These strikes do more than just take out one leader. They have a cascading effect of turmoil within the ranks of the enemy. Several emerging leaders, wanting to fill the void created, might now create internal fighting as they jockey to take Al Zawahiri's place. While they squabble within, they have less time to plot large-scale operations, or engage operationally prior existing plans not yet undertaken. Local intelligence is more important than ever - to be vigilant against threats of smaller scale retaliation strikes from rogue sympathetic unofficial cells, or radicalized individuals that may react, similar to the Wisconsin Christmas Parade assault, that might be put into motion." Joseph further warns: "The threat is already here! More than 50 on Terror Watch List have been caught flooding across the Biden Open Southern Border, which means potentially 100's made it past any detection efforts and are poised to provide an immediate Strike response."

According to an article on NBC News, "In 2001, al-Zawahiri escaped U.S. forces when they invaded Afghanistan and toppled the previous Taliban government, which had refused to hand over bin Laden in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Al-Zawahiri's whereabouts were long unknown."

As stated on the ABC News site, Biden, "hailed the operation as a significant win in the fight against terror groups overseas -- including, as the White House was quick to point out almost a year after the messy exit from Afghanistan, in countries where the U.S. no longer maintains a military presence." In the same article, Biden was quoted as saying, "We continue to mourn every innocent life that was stolen on 9/11 and honor their memories. To the families who lost fathers and mothers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and coworkers on that searing September day, it is my hope that this decisive action will bring one more measure of closure." However, #Terrorism is not the only CRIMINAL ACTS the #UnitedStates has to worry about... It is also important to remember "while #Biden is acting TOUGH Monday night during his address of the #killing of #AlZaWahiri, that #USA Streets are still very #UNSAFE tonight and for time to come due to #DemocratsCoddleCriminals, #DefundThePolice, and #NoBail, #policies!"

Additionally... "The Left doesn't care that 100k Americans die a year due to DRUG POISONING, flowing from #China into #Mexico and across our OPEN SOUTHERN #BORDER...

Time to FINISH BUILDING THE WALL and tighten Border Security overall as well as make the FBI a cross-State Crime fighting agency again, rather than just arm of the Swamp for Political persecution/prosecutions, we need a new #UNTOUCHABLES squad."

TERROR STRIKES #book - which calls out American Left as HATEFUL and more DESTRUCTIVE to the #USA#Values, #Principles, and #Foundations, as Foreign #Terrorists.

Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you! review

"WOW! This Is The Most Unique Delivery On The Topic...

I read O'Reilly's KILLING THE KILLERS and was bored out of my skull with the his cookie-cutter and mass-production line with that latest in his Series. This book, Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a city near you, however, WOW! The information explodes from the pages and is so amazingly balanced back and forth between fictional and factual aspects within this masterpiece. I'm buying more copies to give as gifts."

more: Honor. Integrity. Patriotism. -- For some people these are words. For bestselling author Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies – every day - deeply ingrained in every facet of his life and work.

It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his latest #1 bestselling historical fiction novel, Terror Strikes. The book has been compared to The Sum of All Fears and Deep Impact. Joseph M. Lenard shreds the “creative writing process formulaic methodologies” to create a writing style and literature like no other author before.

Billed as a book for conservatives, but appropriate for all readers, this extraordinary new book is a stunning achievement, set apart from even the best historical fiction books, as it clearly demonstrates the need for situational awareness and vigilance in a world in which mass shootings and other forms of terrorism have become the norm. Reviewers have called the book "compelling", "historically accurate", and utterly "unique".

Terror Strikes connects the dots of not just foreign terrorists, but those both foreign and domestic, that abhor Western culture and their attempts through terror attacks and other more shadowy undermining of our collective freedom to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Bruce Fleury wrote in the foreword of Terror Strikes: "Joe Lenard’s book Terror Strikes, although a work of fiction, is especially timely and topical… [He takes] on an international crisis that, if not addressed with more urgency, threatens to condemn our descendants to live in a 7th-Century nightmare from which there may very well be no awakening.”

Whether you are a staunch conservative, a prepper, or just have concerns about what is happening in American life and society today, Terror Strikes will answer many of the questions you have regarding terrorism, foreign and domestic, and will make for a remarkable reading experience.

Joseph M. Lenard is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at Terror Strikes is available at online and traditional booksellers. More information is available at his websites at and at

About Joseph M. Lenard:

Joseph is very politically active in south-east Michigan. He is a MIGOP Delegate, a member of current MICD12GOP and is the webmaster for the MI 12CDRC as well as the Taylor Republican Club, as also a member of the Wayne-12CDRC and is the editor for its newsletter.

Joseph’s body of works contain copyrighted and published poetry. Joseph has written and recorded music, in the tradition of the Lenard family legacy; though not entirely in the tradition of his father Thaddeus (aka: Ted Lenard Jr), who was creator/leader of “The Polka Kings” that often toured throughout northeast United States.

​In addition, Joseph has about a dozen copyrighted short-stories including Watchful Eyes (sci-fi), Blue Monday (political thriller), Funhouse of Terror (horror) to his credit, as well as one other novel titled, The Gestapo Kidnap File. Joseph was also winner of CJOM (Windsor Ontario Canada) radio contest in the 1980s with his radio play “The Adventures of Detective Idle” based upon the Billy Idol song, Eyes without a Face, to which it was paired with.

He resides in Michigan.


Joseph M Lenard 734-282-0643 For this, and the certainty they will be trying to rush one or more retaliatory responses, makes the book TERROR STRIKES more important to own and read than ever... BUY TODAY at and use discount code ZAWAHIRI at check out for discounted purchase and delivery (US addresses only).


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