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TERROR STRIKES - illustrations

Page creation: April 15, 2022  |  Last update(s): July 4, 2022


The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is the absence of Good people to act. Edmond Burke

Message from author Joseph M. Lenard: When I first envisioned the Terror Strikes book it was going to have an artist illustration atop each Chapter to tease/represent each chapter. However, as time passed, I opted for a Chapter quote/remark tease instead (as you'll see when you read TERROR STRIKES). I have a young friend "The Noah Bowers" looking to break into the artists renderings/illustration world, so I will eagerly/happily present some illustrations from Noah here based upon and/or inspired by TERROR STRIKES storyline for your pleasure.

Another, ADDED BONUS (see intro), beyond the pages of the book.


Noah Art Illustration - terror strikes 1.jpg

Chapter 1: The Storm

Chapter 2: Awakening

noah art illustration - terror strikes 2.jpg

Terror Strikes - What kind of book is this? What kind of genre is the TERROR STRIKES book? Is it more than the title suggests?

J.M.Lenard - What genre is this book?Joseph M Lenard
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Terror Strikes - introduction (audio blurb)

Terror Strikes audio blurb.MP3Joseph M Lenard
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