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ORWELL and ANIMAL FARM is quoted in TERROR STRIKES, and Joe often says during interviews when Orwell comes up - IF George were alive today and writing a sequel the line would be "Some Animals get more 'EQUITY' (Special Rights, rather than EQUAL RIGHTS/OPPORTUNITY and Special oft undeserved/unearned dispensation) than other Animals!"

"Marten reflected on the fact that some Americans had become so spoiled, they came to loathe their own nation that afforded them all they have."
(page 17 - Awakening chapter)

Marten, a journalist, sets out to awaken America through the writing of a book (the book within the book: TERRORIST TRACKS). Knowledge, sacrifices, and responsibility threaten to overwhelm him. Will his book be worth it all?

TERROR STRIKES is NOT just a book about Terrorism, but of Pro American (America First - Make America Great Again) principles and values too.

Left out of the book quote:
"The trouble with Freedom, is that the lazy that want their lives provided and planned are free to conspire with the control freaks that want to regiment and dictate everyone's Lives - and therefore Hate and oppose your/our Freedom and enjoyment there-of!"

But obviously related to the page 17 quote (and others) from/in the book.

"The New York papers were seemingly more interested, in a Neville Chamberlainesque way, in appeasing our enemies. As the joke around the Detroit offices went, they were 'the official paper of al Qaeda' for their often-muted reporting, seemingly afraid they might offend those that attacked us."   
(page 25 - Al Aldieaya chapter)


"The left-wing narrative that everything is America’s fault, that we somehow were responsible, and
it was inevitable that they would strike-back at the colonial invaders, is a false narrative. Certainly, there were always outlets that took a bias of the state to which they belonged. During the 1930s the Nazi’s made sure that loyalists to them first and the nation itself second took place. People would, of course, always think of Pravda as more apparatchik than reporting honestly, especially during the Soviet years in Russia and clear Putin and Russian Communist Party propaganda
now during their invasion, now second excursions (as prior just into Crimea), into Ukraine.

One of conservative radio-show host and author Mark Levin’s best sellers was Unfreedom of the Press about the, in many peoples’ minds, lurch toward those Pravda days by many papers here in the West—more Marxist propaganda purveyors than press the founders
of America would ever envision could become."   
(page 25 - Al Aldieaya chapter)

"Hope and Marten yearned, would allow Marten to take a position of editor-in-chief of a more rural area newspaper and allow them to move where the threats of violence, either via terrorism or
general crime, were reduced, but he knew never negated entirely, and their daughters’ safety more secure. A better environment—not just away from the violence, but to better schools for the children— was a major motivator. Hope spent so much time, part-time homeschooling, countering the indoctrination the kids mostly received during their traditional daily barrage beyond the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic in the public schools rather than education. She spent hours filling in the blanks, left by politically controlled and manipulated enclaves, of all the history and facts left out in order to mold kids to think a certain way rather than how to think for themselves based upon factual, contextual, history from all antiquity..."
(page 37 - Tulsa chapter)


So many people think terrorism only comes from outside our borders. There are many additional and differing threats within our own borders...

From #Instagram ( )

Are you following the potential overturn of #RoeVWade battle and #SCOTUS leak?

So many people think #terrorism only comes from outside our borders. There are many additional and differing threats within our own borders and even our own #government who wish to destroy the #american way of life (including the Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness).

See more about threats (foreign and domestic, within and without) you may not have ever considered in "Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!"

#terrorstrikes #internalthreat #democrats #abortion #wakeup #patriot #bookstagram

"Abolitionists, the primary founders of the Republican Party, overturned SLAVERY while Democrats insisted Blacks weren’t HUMAN. Likewise, the GOP will overturn Abortion while Democrats make the same false narrative today those babies are just a clump of cells in the womb and aren’t human. (When has a Human ever given Birth or carried anything but a Human? I’d like to see where Democrats can prove a female human could potentially be carrying a chimp or a dolphin?)

The Republican Party was the sole driving force in getting passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and under EQUALITY of ALL HUMANS Abortion would eventually over-turned as everyone knows, despite their denials, a HUMAN in the womb has
Rights under the 14th Amendment. And, of course, do we need discuss RACIST Margaret Sanger who is the founder of Planned Parenthood."   
(page 79 - Love Vs Fake Hate chapter)

see related InstraGram posts: 
6/24/2022 (Roe Overtunred): 
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"Crime and punishment, or the lack thereof, and as we see in some US urban-centers and increases in crime there, promoted the lure of indecent acts. The failure of society to castigate this immoral faction within its midst further perpetuated the intolerable measures. The more horrific the criminal acts, the more hardened to the actions the general public grew, or worse, the more the masses just turned a blind eye and buried its collective head in the sand; that ostrich theme again, pretending, hoping the evil all around them would not touch their specific lives."
(page 86 - 9/11 chapter)

TERROR STRIKES is NOT just a book about Terrorism, but of Crimes, especially Murder, of all types!

"Marten wondered who made the distinctions? Whose perspective was correct? Marten wondered if he was one of the ones on the outside looking in or on the inside looking out or right in the thick of it all. It seemed to him that we all have to be vigilant nowadays."  (page 97 - 9/11 chapter)

August 6, 2022: In somber remembrance of #HiroshimaDay (Aug 6, 77 years ago today the greatest yield weapon developed to date was used to preserve American and Allies Lives at the expense of Japanese Innocents) and broader lessons...

"Collateral damage, the effect and not the movie, in an armed conflict, war, or even in everyday law enforcement, there are sometime innocent lives that are lost or people injured unintentionally and/or due to unintended consequences of the actions being taken for ‘good’. The question you must ask yourself is, when, where, by what methods, how many lives affected from collateral damage is acceptable—as it is
indeed inevitable and unavoidable! Think about that for a minute in relationship to WWII and the United States use of atomic weapons. Countless innocent Japanese citizens died. Was it justified in order to shorten the war and save US casualties? You may want to actually think about that term now!"  (page 112 - 9/11 chapter)

see too:


"– hindsight clearly shows Russia took the wait it out and then play our hand to conquer territory - and what of Patton’s desire to march onward to/through
Russia ensuring a Free World?"  (page 132 - 9/11 chapter)

TERROR STRIKES is NOT just a book about Terrorism, but of perspective and speculation on what has past and if we've learned anything from it?

"Humor, for Marten, became a double-edged sword. Indeed, he used it as a deflection at times he feels down. If we don’t laugh, we’d be crying as the saying goes. Sometimes we just react; other times we choose how we respond to any given situation.”   (page 155 - Comic Relief chapter)

TERROR STRIKES is NOT just a book about Terrorism, but of philosophical values too.

"he imparted them with one last thought: 'remember, things could always be better, but they could often be worse!'”   (page 156 - Comic Relief chapter)

TERROR STRIKES is NOT just a book about Terrorism, but of philosophical values too.

"Marten himself, had zero political aspirations. He was very happy working behind the scenes, and being a journalist, he needed to maintain at least a façade of neutrality. He figured if his becoming an author was indeed successful and they were able to move to a more rural location, then he would become more involved.  Becoming an actual party delegate was an important part of the process. One can
scream and complain from the bleachers as much as they like, if one does not become a delegate and part of the processes, one will never, ever have any chance at shaping the outcome on the field. One must suit up, take the field, and make some plays in order to help the team become better, however one might define such."
(page 174 - Hell On Earth chapter)

"Sadly, it is not just GIJIAS that play up our differences to try to invoke mistrust and hatred, to play on the emotions, rather than logic and reason, of people. The “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings” meme is popular on social media. The bad people play up suspicions in order to gain or maintain a degree of power and control
for themselves. They keep the masses at odds, fighting each other, hopped up with emotional catalysts, within nations, rather than focusing on the real enemies. Those who wish to control others rule over every aspect of peoples’ lives; it's antithetical to the American dream and America’s constitutional republic* foundations."
(page 177 - Hell On Earth chapter)

* As potentially AS IMPORTANT is the word "DEMOCRACY" is nowhere to be found in the book.

— RUSH (the group, not Limbaugh - page 191 - YYZ chapter)

TERROR STRIKES is NOT just a book about Terrorism, but offers modern day applicable Musical references/interludes.

"Money isn't anything, but it is everything when it comes to surviving this life.

If money isn't the whole art gallery, it certainly was part of the picture."

(page 198 - YYZ chapter)

"Theresa, while she thought she was fully mindful of the need to be a protector of her child, realized she was far more an ostrich on this topic than the mama bear she needed to be." (page 245 - Naperville chapter)

TERROR STRIKES also a book of warnings and good advice, as well as Family values, and situational awareness concern.

May 14, 2022: Are you holding those you love dearly tight enough? There were TWO shootings in Milwaukee and a mass-shooting at Tops Grocery in Buffalo this weekend. #Terrorism is an inside threat as much as a #foreign threat. Don't be the ostrich. Be the bear and be vigilant in even your own community, no matter the size. Pray for Buffalo and Milwaukee and the loves lost tonight.

#buffalo #prayforbuffalo #milwaukee #prayformilwaukee


John Kremer's - Five Things I Love About Books -- Joseph M Lenard on Historical Fiction

Five Things I Love About BooksJohn Kremer Show
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From the Author

This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign and domestic) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

This book is intended for all audiences - young, old, and everywhere in-between; male, female, not just for macho shoot-em-up, blood and guts, fare; religious, non-religious; political, non-political. However, it is impossible to address the topics and why they want to kill us without delving into some religious texts and politics. The Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran, are all addressed. 

Islamic fundamentalists (GIJIAS (Global Islamic Jihadist Interim Army Soldiers)) terrorists - who they are, what they have done, what they are doing, and why they will never be able to be persuaded to stop.

From the Inside Flap

"Terror Strikes - Coming soon to a City near you!" from Joseph M. Lenard who puts the traditional "formulaic writing guidelines" through the shredder for a book like no other about Terrorism and Counter-Strike teams Counter-Terrorism.

Joseph M Lenard and Terror Strikes book affiliated with...
the Authors Show, Buy Michigan Now, Illumify Media / McHenry Press, Kreative Circle, Mammoth Nation, OnlineBookClub, PSI-TV

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Honor. Integrity. Patriotism.  ---  For some people these are words. For bestselling author Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies – every day - deeply engrained in every facet of his life and work.

It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his latest #1 bestselling historical fiction novel, Terror Strikes. The book has been compared to The Sum of All Fears and Deep Impact. Joseph M. Lenard shred the “creative writing process formulaic methodologies” to create a writing style and literature like no other Author before.

Billed as a book for conservatives, but appropriate for all readers, this extraordinary new book is a stunning achievement, set apart from even the best historical fiction books, as it clearly demonstrates the need for situational awareness and vigilance in a world in which mass shootings and other forms of terrorism have become the norm. Reviewers have called the book "compelling", "historically accurate", and utterly "unique".

Terror Strikes connects the dots of not just foreign terrorists, but those both foreign and domestic that abhor Western culture and their attempts through terror attacks and other more shadowy undermining of our collective freedom to enjoy  our individual lives, liberty, and the personal pursuit of happiness.

Whether you are a staunch conservative, a prepper, or just have concerns about what is happening in American life/society today, Terror Strikes will answer many of the questions you have regarding terrorism, foreign and domestic, and will make for a remarkable reading experience.


Terror Strikes - Ev çi celeb pirtûk e? Pirtûka TERORÊN TERORÊ ji çi cure cure ye? Ma ew ji sernavê bêtir pêşniyar dike?

J.M.Lenard - What genre is this book?Joseph M Lenard
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TERROR STRIKES: Affiliates, Interviews, Press ReleasesQuotes, Reviews, Trailer


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