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Fair warning - many deem this book controversial and upsetting in many places, which it is meant to be. Meant to MAKE PEOPLE THINK! Challenge their own and others intentions, motives, own morality and mortality. -  Joseph M Lenard

حملات وحشت - فهرست مطالب (فصل)

کپی رایت
قدردانی / تقدیم 

سلب مسئولیت 

پیش گفتار

مقدمه / درباره کتاب 




تولسا (اوکلاهما ایالات متحده آمریکا)
فلش بک 

توکیو ژاپن)

عشق در مقابل نفرت جعلی

تسکین کمیک

مادرید، اسپانیا)

لندن (بریتانیا / بریتانیا)

جهنم روی زمین 

هرم  (لافلین نوادا ایالات متحده آمریکا) *

YYZ (تورنتو انتاریو کانادا)

بی رحمی 

هدایت نادرست 

ناپرویل  (ایلینوی)

حملات تروریستی - نیویورک (نیویورک ایالات متحده آمریکا)

ضمیمه الف: پشت کتاب 

ضمیمه ب: پاداش 

* مقاله وگاس

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Japan / Japanese Flag and cherry blossoms
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J.M.Lenard - What genre is this book?Joseph M Lenard
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Do you do a Radio Show or Podcast? Would you like to discuss the many issues touched upon in this Book?
Reach out at:
Important questions to be examined
Have Terror Strikes STOPPED during the Wuhan Lockdowns?
Would a national/federal BROKEN WINDOWS policing policy have prevented 9/11?
What are GIJIA? and/or What is a GIJIAS?
What is SCHRODINGER CAT theorem and what does it have to do with this book?
Who was ARETHUSA and what does she have to do with Terrorism today?
How do I avoid metaphors in my book and why? (humor)
What genre is this book, really? (not as simple as you'd assume)
What does HELL MICHIGAN have to do with this book?
more (see discussion points)….

see too: interviews/media.

TERROR STRIKES: Affiliates, Interviews, Press ReleasesQuotes, Reviews, Trailer

I used the somewhat "ODD VISIT" (as some Visitors have an indication of how they navigated in, like clicked a SocialMedia-site link, navigated in from DuckDuckGo, etc.) as PROMOTIONAL opportunity to demonstrate that my book is indeed INTERNATIONAL IN SCOPE (with specific chapters dealing with/in/at Toronto Ontario Canada, London England, Madrid Spain, Tokyo Japan, as well as touching on France and other locales but not via own dedicated chapter) and GETTING NOTICE AROUND THE WORLD by posting the following Post on all 15 of my SocialMedia platform accounts when someone from "The Republic of Mauritius" surfed into/onto my Author(

This is specific Post text...

Very interesting, just got a visit to my Author ( site from The Republic of Mauritius.... That was somewhere I was completely unfamiliar with until just now!! :)

I get the peek-ins I get over and over from China, Russia, even Iran, as the #book calls them out and therefore I likely deemed an #EnemyOfTheState of those Tyrannies (they are not fond of my ATROCITY chapter especially ( LOL.

Wonder where the People of The Republic of Mauritius get their Books from? Shipping from USA would likely be A FORTUNE!!!

Hell it costs $22 to send a book from USA into Canada, which is why I tell any inquiring from The Great White North to use (or other International Shopping locations/sites), shipping between our two Nations used to be NEXT TO NOTHING. So I hate to imagine how ridiculous it would be to ship from US to The Republic of Mauritius. So definitely BUY LOCAL when/where possible.



من همیشه به دنبال فرصت های جدید و هیجان انگیز هستم. بیایید وصل شویم.

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