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TERROSTRIKES  - Geschichte (17. März)
NEWS, gerade rechtzeitig, um sie bei Green Beers zu teilen!

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I was on with Stacy #OnSomeRealShit show again for my new "How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques" book...



How to Write a Book and Get It Published... Want to really influence discussions, publish your thoughts, it's easier now than ever...

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I am, of course, still promoting TERROR STRIKES: COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU ( but wanted to pass along that my latest/new book HOW TO WRITE A BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED: HINTS, TIPS & TECHNIQUES (HTWABAGIP) just dropped. I hope you'll check it out at: AMAZON. I hope to be on Shows to promote BOTH now (related:!

As you might guess, it is about aiding others to achieve their potential dream of becoming an Internationally Published and even an #1 Bestseller ( Author like I was able to achieve. HTWABAGIP shares about my lifelong writing journey to that day TSCSTACNY was released Globally and tips, tricks, techniques, I can and do share from the experience I garnered along the way.

If you know anyone that has been saying for years they'd like to become a Published Author, share/pass this with them.


Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
Joseph M Lenard WikiPage:




NOTE: The image at right is NOT the HTWABAGIP cover but just one (alternate cover, in this case designed by eBookLaunch*) image that will appear within HTWABAGIP manuscript.

* them, and more, discussed in HTWABAGIP as just two potential of publishing options.

The following is (only one update/supplement tidbit expounding upon the WEBSITE CREATION section) from my article/blog that serves as (it says) a supplement to the HTWABAGIP book; things that didn't make print date, updates, add-ons, etc..

I mention WIX and WORDPRESS in HTWABAGIP but there is also a group called Crazy Good Digital (CGD) that offers "AuthorHomepage" (AH) services which is a Website builder service that operates similar to WIX/WORDPRESS but was specifically designed and targets AUTHORS! They have a preset template, available Public-Domain images (as well as ability to custom upload your own, even Videos), and more geared to aid an Author get their domain/brand up and running quickly. Start with some basics, then add more later over time like ability to SELL YOUR BOOKS DIRECT.

Certainly WIX is trustworthy and one I use ( for my "book specific" Sales site, but CGD/AH is partnered with Bowker and therefore someone (IMO) you can also trust. Their options are "competitive" priced with WIX. I also have a WORDPRESS Author site ( but I am a former IT guy and WORDPRESS can be "challenging" for many. So, my recommendations are use WIX or CGD/AH. Compare, contrast, peek at my sites as example of what you can do and see the CGD/AH ( sample site(s), etc... BEFORE YOU PUT MONEY DOWN!

You can find there HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE USING AUTHORHOMEPAGE video tutorial/intro via their page (as well as other demonstrations/webinars/clinics (as can be found for WIX, WORDPRESS, at their sites too).

The key DECISION to be made, IMO, is your time and effort you have available. WIX offers many more add-on options, but (of course) you then have to LEARN THOSE (like site-traffic records (great to have), WIX Store/Commerce, SEO builders (to help get your site higher ranked in Google, DuckDuckGo, FreeSpoke, Gibiru, Bing, etc., search-engines, built in email manager, HTML input (where you can add Book2Look/Biblet, etc.), etc.) where-as CGD/AH allows you to use Stripe/Paypal to sell from your site with them (as I do here-on using WIX Commerce add-in/plug-in, built in linkage to Book2Look/Biblet (also trustworthy Bowker (aka: MyIdentifiers) partner (they have partnered with many other firms to provide book related services, many of which help you with your journey and are pointed out in HTWABAGIP), and yes I use them see my [the page you're currently looking at] page to see the Biblet embeded using HTML on my WIX book page) function. The latter is better for a quicker/easier immediate launch as they use built-in AI to aid your design, but the former is better if you want MORE COMPLETE CONTROL over your entire design/presentation.

I inform, YOU DECIDE!

Or, see the stand-alone B2L/Biblets for both my current books (including navigable SHOPlinks where you can purchase all (eBook, Print, EPUB, etc.) forms of my books), and even view my TERROR STRIKES book Trailer, more, at...


Last important note: CGD/AH is planning adding additional pre-built options in (like email and more) but the time-frames to their availability is to-be-determined vs immediate availability of all those functions and more with WIX (many FREE) add-ons. A final determining factor, it was for me, may be that if you get a Premium plan with WIX you get 24x7 phone support - beyond just help files and "how-to" videos all offer - the others do not offer that level of support.

And, again, like I say in HTWABAGIP about HELP... 
I am willing/able to make myself available FOR FREE CONSULTATIONS AND MINOR HELP with this and all other things regarding your writing, publishing, marketing, etc. and if longer-term help is needed we can discuss a SMALL FEE for my continued help (far less than you'll hire people on UPWORKS for, and I am a retired IT guy as far as my credentials regarding ONLINE related items goes). Reach out: or use form.

FULL DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: NO, I do NOT have a financial interest (believe me, wish I did, wish I could at least get a REFERRAL BONUS for sending you any of their ways; as I am an average struggling Artist/Author, unlike Millionaire Authors like Clancy, Paterson, Thor, Flynn, Koontz (whom I've been compared to), King, Rowling, etc) in/with any of the Services I mention here nor any of the Publishers I mention within HTWAGAGIP.

Again, the above is ONLY ONE update/supplement tidbit (expounding upon the WEBSITE CREATION section) from my article/blog that serves as (it says) a supplement to the HTWABAGIP book; things that didn't make print date, updates, add-ons, etc..


Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen und spannenden Möglichkeiten. Lassen Sie uns verbinden.

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