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Learn how/where to get a FREE COPY of Terror Strikes from ART on AFFILATES page.

Fair warning - many deem this book controversial and upsetting in many places, which it is meant to be, not all may be able to handle or compartmentalize and/or process some sections/subsections (and may indeed likely, expected, result in some lashing out with negative Reviews). The Author, Joseph M. Lenard (see disclaimer (portions may or may not reflect that of Author/Publishers/Affiliates)) does/did so will full intent to MAKE PEOPLE THINK! Challenge their own and others intentions, motives, own morality and mortality

The definitive book on this topic [terrorism] of our time! Deals with the real Terror threats versus the hyped, false narratives, people they want you to hate, but whom are attempting to save our Nation's foundations.

Employee of the United States of America Intelligence Community - name withheld by request (for protection)

[see related: "The overblown Right-Wing Extremism narrative"]

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh provides an AUDIO-REVIEW (very nice change of pace Review delivery)...
We won't give any SPOILERS about her Review, hope you'll give the brief audio a listen...
(see her Official Anchor Reviews page:

What I'm ReadingRandi-Lee Bowslaugh
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You can tell the people who can grasp that you do not have to agree with everything in a book and still enjoy it - like the Sylvia/Christina review "Everyone has their own opinions and negativity is such a large part of this world. We give you credit for writing a book and getting it published. The book is interesting and definitely made me look outside my box of thinking..." and indeed I found things I agreed things I disagreed and unlike others don't feel the need to attack the author over it vs the Saul Alinsky Cancel Culture crowd that Hate a book that literally has a chapter called LOVE VS HATE in it and therefore just want to attack the author and the book like seen in several reviews copying and pasting the same lack of imagination responses across the many sites the book is sold.

Like the authors Terror Strikes Info book site says "Fair warning - while some Historical aspects are mixed within, this is a Fictional story with Fictional characters. Many deem this book controversial and upsetting in many places, which it is meant to be. Meant to MAKE PEOPLE THINK! Challenge their own and others intentions, motives, own morality and mortality" but some cannot handle their morals and mortality challenged but only that/when they question others' and want to try to prevent others from reading a very well written book, that again sadly some just cannot handle.

B. Shamanski - Constitutionalists Podcasts Network


My husband [whose Editorial review appears on Amazon, as now does this] handed me a copy of "Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You" once he was finished reading and told me I needed to read it. So glad I did. Indeed a very "distinct" and "different" book from the usual Politically biased fare available today.

I read the reviews and saw how Mr. Lenard was more being personally attacked than the substance of his book refuted, which is understandable when people cannot refute details then engage in personal assault. As for his Grammatical style? It is in-line with Dean Koontz, Brian Herbert, S T Joshi, and others; as outlined on the Terror Strikes website "ScoreIt" subpage; do they attack them too? Doubtful. 

As for other aspects of Mr. Lenard's "writing style?" It is very much in-line with many others that use the narrative and/or descriptive (per page by percentage) versus formulaic "proportion of dialog in novels" (U-Penn report); of which Hemingway is considered the master of dialog writing style. Personally I think some use to just pad page-count, or convey something they otherwise have trouble descriptively delivering, rather than enhance story. Do people criticize Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code" written with same styling? Then there are books with zero dialog which include the likes of "The Notebook" (N. Sparks), "The Road" (C. McCarthy), "The Great Gatsby," "Catcher in the Rye," Classics, and more! Are those criticized?

So, yes, as one other reviewer listed on the Terror Strikes reviews page says - this book does not engage in a lot of dialog. In my opinion, it didn't need to. For my part, I greatly enjoy both stylings, but books like this are indeed the smaller part of the market, while others follow the Pack. Both make for great reads, for different reasons.

I for one am happy Joseph M Lenard's "Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You" has the courage to take the path less tread in his adoptive style.

D. Shamanski - Constitutionalists Podcasts

Received via form


What is the saying about BREVITY?  :)  LOL                





I heard Joe speak a few times on The Patriot Angle Unfiltered [note: now SAVAGED UNFILTERED] podcast and speak about Terror Strikes being far more than just about terrorism and connecting several dots. I finally decided to buy a copy of the book direct and what I have to say is it is a MASTERFULLY SEWN TAPESTRY. I had no idea the themes that would be woven together as is could be done in a book that wouldn't need to take 500 pages or more to do so, but this does that, in other words not wasting my time over more pages than necessary, in virtually half that to do so. I had no idea how WELL WOVEN together items abc... to lmnop... to xyz... would indeed be interlaced in the facts and fiction blend he was promising all wrapped up in a nice and tight bow like the best gift under the Christmas tree.

Susan Williams (Texas), regular Savaged Unfiltered Podcast watcher via Rumble, sent via email.


Received via form


When asked for honest critique of the book, Ron Edwards ("American Experience" syndicated Radio Show host) response: "Watch your back!" expressing concern knowing that many will "not appreciate" what you will read in Terror Strikes (both foreign and domestic enemies) and will want Joseph M Lenard and his book SILENCED.

"A much needed Warning" and "important Wake-up Call"

Bill Jamisen (from email)


Author: Jackson Mackenzie books

 Joe Lenard's new book Terror Strikes: a.k.a. Terrorist Tracks, although a work of fiction, is especially timely and topical, particularly in view of America's inexplicable and precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan in late 2021. In doing so, our nation disgraced itself when it abandoned the time-honored practice of "leaving no one behind," yes; but, more importantly, by doing so, the United States opened the door wide open to an increased terror threat by the Taliban, whose rapid takeover of a former ally sent Washington politicos' heads spinning, al Qaeda, whom we had previously crushed in the wake of the devastating September 11 terror attacks on New York City, Washington, DC and Stoystown, PA; ISIS, which we destroyed virtually overnight with ruthless efficiency, resolve, and force of arms; Islamic Jihad, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other groups sworn to destroy not only the U.S., Israel, and our allies in the Middle East, but Western civilization itself, and usher in a worldwide Islamic caliphate. 

Joe's book examines the terror threat from a different angle, in that, as the author of this book, he looks at it from the perspective of Marten, the novel's protagonist who, himself, is writing a book of his own on this very subject. In addition, Joe provides his own commentary and insights at various points along the way, to ensure we never forget what happened at the hands of the monsters who, as George W. Bush reminded us in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, possess a hatred far in excess of their meager numbers. But Joe doesn't stop there; lest we forget the existential danger posed not only to this country, he also reminds us of other past terrorist actions in places like London, England, and Madrid, Spain, just to name a few. 


Terror Strikes: a.k.a Terrorist Tracks is the culmination of a years-long effort Joe mounted that has finally come to fruition. And now, we all have the privilege of reading one man's (two men, actually, Joe and Marten) take on an international crisis that, if not addressed with more urgency, threatens to condemn our descendants to live in a 7th-Century nightmare from which there may very well be no awakening, if any.


We can't say we haven't been warned.

Bruce Fleury 

Author of - The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger's Diabolical, Duplicitous, Dangerous, Disastrous And Deadly Plan For Black America.
Talk-show radio host – the Abolitionists RoundTable (ART) on WAAM radio Sat’s 9am.


Historically accurate and compelling (Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2022)
- Reviewed by: Ed Temple
and also Co-Host on the GEORGE ESPENLAUB SHOW (my appearing on 6/2 in INTERVIEWS page))
* see my review of his book at:


@reads_jennifer (Instagram)

“Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” by Joseph M. Lenard is a fiction and non-fiction mixture. This book has been extended beyond its title. The book, as the name suggests, is on terrorism. The story is of a journalist who is based in America and is very vibrant and true to his work. The story begins with a message from the network tower in the neighbourhood. The message says, “Go, Gos.”, just these two words. Of course, it was from Nicolas. On this journey to solve this crippled task to save America, Marten and Nicolas have to discover a lot of things about terrorism that they would otherwise never acknowledge. This journey is one of a ride and to see whether Marten’s efforts will pay off the way he wants or not, you got to read this book.

Almost 250 pages in length, this book delves into all the types and areas of terrorism that are known to humankind. This is a well-researched book with factual data and proven theories in it. When one begins to read this book, it is entirely what you do not expect. The writing style is factual and like a report at times. Some might find it hard to take in. This book is a real eye-opener if read with complete attention. Readers will find different faiths betting talked about and also references from the holy books.

This book is good for those who want to read a proper case study on terrorism. This book has been approved as good by many readers and even professors. So, I don't see a reason for anyone to let go of this book. Happy reading!

#books #bookstagram #book #booklover #reading


Author Joseph M. Lenard Launches His International Book 'Terror Strikes'

By: Kreative Circle


DETROIT - April 21, 2022 - PRLog -- Meet Joseph M. Lenard, the author of 'TERROR STRIKES'. It's a book about a Detroit newspaper man Marten embarking on a journey to write a book on Terrorism titled: Terrorist Tracks. Follow him, his family, friend Nic (FBI), to discover their Family Values, and visit Nevada, Illinois, Ontario Canada, London Britain, Madrid Spain, Tokyo Japan, along the way. Discovering not only a book within a book, an innovative means of hosting a blog within a book in this internet age, as Marten uses his past blogs as potential book sub-theme subject-matter. Joseph is a former IT professional, political issues blogger, vlogger and speaker.

His latest interview on Moving Mountains with Sasha at iHeartRadio explore the realities of terrorists acquiring traction in historical significance and among the media. As a theist hosting interest in psychology, Joseph educates audiences on how they can live their best lives without living in fear nor letting fear diminish their pursuit of happiness. The book's genre is factual and fictional in nature resulting in a captivating read as readers observe an innovative storytelling technique applied by the author. Facts, humor and wisdom are weaved into this narrative that delivers a balanced approach to discovering how to co-exist among humanity during these uncertain times.

Kreative Circle


Yes, yes... There will always be an inevitable negative Review now and again...
In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE, honesty, integrity, etc, here is one... To which I respond below about Susan here but too about Cancel Culture Trolls below...


Joseph M. Lenard - rebuttal

SHE CLEARLY DIDNT GRASP the connectivity/connections between LEFTISTS and TERRORISTS, both looking to DESTROY FREEDOM both Western Culture haters looking to destroy the USA Republic (not Democracy) to turn it into another failing Communist or Fascist Nation. It could, in part, be her isolation from so much happening in America and Europe due to her being in Australia (which has it's own Fascist indoctrination of their youth going on, she may not recognize).

Or being female she didn't like that the book briefly connects DEMOCRAT DEATH CULT and endless MURDER OF BABIES (a sort of Terrorism on the womb) and maybe her support for Abortion and hit a little too close to home having BABY MURDERERS as no different than those/others slaughtering Innocent Life!

Still another way to look at this Review, and to give her the benefit-of-the-doubt... perhaps since she is in Australia and that Continent virtually a whole other world away isolated the way it is and so far removed from what happens on the N. American and/or European Continents, she/others there may just never really be able to understand the interplay of the sub-themes and their relations in our Politics?!?!

ALSO, I sadly need to say, yes you can (of course) find some other negative reviews from the same Cancel Culture Trolls that attack us (yes, I say us, because Bruce Fleury (who wrote the foreword for this book, gets same)) as Social-Media Trolls that try to get us canceled/suspended/CENSORED there, know we've written a book and it has content they do not like and therefore TROLL on our online-retailer sales pages to attack us there with reviews that have nothing to do with the content there-in (they are usually completely uncreative and attack style over substance, copy-cats of each other, because they haven't read the book to point to anything "of their real concern" there-in). Where-as, in Susan's case, I think she is being earnest, and therefore why I shared her review with this follow-up commentary. Sadly, many may not understand the depths of TROLLS DRIVEN BY HATE (as this book is about LIFE and LOVE, NOT/versus DEATH AND HATE (of those that attack Western Culture and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS (versus their desire for Fascistic dictates they want imposed upon others), despite the main theme/threads) to want to try to silence such a messages and try to drive down book rankings/ratings (whether mine, or Bruce's, or so many other Conservative authors) and therefore not are more astute to the Cancel Culture, often very small groups of Haters, movement.

See too -
an entire article/blog dedicated to another person's negative review (click here)!



Had the opportunity to buy "Terror Strikes" authored by Joseph M. Lenard. The title and the timing of the publication is a key component in the world that we live in today. As sick as it is, Joseph gets into heated, unfiltered political content. A MUST BUY of a book folk's!!!

(via email) Michael Gardner - Host of The Patriot Angle Podcast 

(couple of my having appeared on TPAP in INTERVIEWS page)


The protagonist, Marten, finds interconnected webs of terror through extensive research of attacks around the globe. But what happens if he gets caught up in the web?


#terrorism is a global threat and author, Joseph M. Lenard, shows the cat and mouse game being played like never before in his book Terror Strikes.


FBI Agent friend (name withheld upon request) direct review sent to Author via

Not an "official Review" of the book, per se, but none-the-less positive feedback...
Name withheld by request - to prevent them from being Trolled on GAB.


Yes, indeed, in Interviews I make no-bones that the here-to-fore never used by any Author "Blog within a Book" feature is more difficult to follow on Kindle and that it is best to have a Softcopy in your hands.

As to "haven't discovered a plot" clearly indicates they didn't bother to get very far into the Book as the very first couple of chapters in make pretty clear and obvious the "Marten to write his own Book on Terrorism and discovering far more than he expected" plot-point and overall SIMPLE PLOT of "Live Life, but do not be STUPID and be awake/alert to things around you", and it is the sub-themes complexities and plot points develop in subsequent chapters (that lose casual Readers); and likely discovering the Politics of the lead Character (as Conservative) why they bailed probably not having read any of the reviews, the foreword, other information on Amazon that makes clear this is a PRO AMERICA, AMERICA FIRST, Conservative leaning fare.

review019 - zeile.jpg
BigFootReviews tweet save 1.jpg

Note from Joe: I would have loved some elaboration, but we'll take the 4 Star Win!
Sadly many people may LOVE a book, but the truth is that many just do not go back to where they purchased to leave a Review - but the Trolls/Attackers always do.


see TERROR STRIKES interviews

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Ich bin immer auf der Suche nach neuen und spannenden Möglichkeiten. Lassen Sie uns verbinden.

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