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- cóipeanna uathghrafaithe ar fáil!

Fair warning - many deem this book controversial and upsetting in many places, which it is meant to be. Meant to MAKE PEOPLE THINK! Challenge their own and others intentions, motives, own morality and mortality. -  Joseph M Lenard

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(cóipeanna uathoibrithe, ar fáil ar an suíomh Gréasáin Terror Strikes amháin).

Seolfar (SAOR IN AISCE) chomh luath agus a bheidh sé ar fáil do sheoltaí SAM amháin trí mheánráta USPS)

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Ní hamháin gur leabhar é Terror Strikes, ach leabhar laistigh de leabhar mar a bhfuil an ceannaire, Marten, fear nuachtáin, ag scríobh leabhar faoin sceimhlitheoireacht. Is blag é freisin, laistigh de leabhar, mar úsáideann Marten a bhlag mar bhunábhar éigin. Ní hamháin go bhfeidhmíonn Stailceanna Terror mar cheacht staire agus mar rabhadh, ach mar choincheapa ní hamháin iad siúd a cailleadh ach ciontacht marthanóirí agus saincheisteanna gaolmhara eile a bhaineann le gníomhartha foréigneacha a chuireann i bhfeidhm ar an ngnáthshaol laethúil.

Is é an t-aon rud atá riachtanach chun an t-olc a bhaint amach ná gan daoine Maith a dhéanamh. Edmond de Búrca

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Féach tuilleadh den dul chun cinn a chuaigh saothar ealaíne an leabhair tríd:

Honor. Integrity. Patriotism.  ---  For some people these are words. For bestselling author Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies – every day - deeply engrained in every facet of his life and work.

It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his latest #1 bestselling historical fiction novel, Terror Strikes. The book has been compared to The Sum of All Fears and Deep Impact. Joseph M. Lenard shred the “creative writing process formulaic methodologies” to create a writing style and literature like no other Author before.

Billed as a book for conservatives, but appropriate for all readers, this extraordinary new book is a stunning achievement, set apart from even the best historical fiction books, as it clearly demonstrates the need for situational awareness and vigilance in a world in which mass shootings and other forms of terrorism have become the norm. Reviewers have called the book "compelling", "historically accurate", and utterly "unique".

Terror Strikes connects the dots of not just foreign terrorists, but those both foreign and domestic that abhor Western culture and their attempts through terror attacks and other more shadowy undermining of our collective freedom to enjoy  our individual lives, liberty, and the personal pursuit of happiness.

Whether you are a staunch conservative, a prepper, or just have concerns about what is happening in American life/society today, Terror Strikes will answer many of the questions you have regarding terrorism, foreign and domestic, and will make for a remarkable reading experience.


MORE about Joseph M. Lenard:


Joseph is very politically active in south-east Michigan. He is a MIGOP Delegate, a member of current MICD12GOP and is the webmaster for the MI 12CDRC as well as the Taylor Republican Club, as also a member of the Wayne-12CDRC and is the editor for its newsletter.


Joseph’s body of works contain copyrighted and published poetry. Joseph has written and recorded music, in the tradition of the Lenard family legacy; though not entirely in the tradition of his father Thaddeus, who was creator/leader of “The Polka Kings” that often toured throughout northeast United States.


​In addition, Joseph has about a dozen copyrighted short-stories including Watchful Eyes (sci-fi), Blue Monday (political thriller), Funhouse of Terror (horror) to his credit, as well as one other novel titled, The Gestapo Kidnap File. Joseph was also winner of CJOM (Windsor Ontario Canada) radio contest in the 1980’s with his radio play “The Adventures of Detective Idle” based upon the Billy Idol song, Eyes without a Face, to which it was paired with.


He resides in Michigan.



Bím i gcónaí ag lorg deiseanna nua spreagúla. Déanaimis ceangal.

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