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NOTE-1: This section of the website contains additional links not found in the "INTRODUCTION" section actually printed in the published book...

NOTE-2: I use the tinyurl link-shortener service in order to make the links more easily remembered and/or navigated, but for the record many/most of these links redirect to "BEFORE IT'S NEWS" aggregator site items of my creation.

First, chapters inspired ILLUSTRATIONS (added bonus to the book) page.

In the "AL ALDIEAYA" chapter reference is made to the war-times notion of "Loose Lips, Sink Ships." See related: The chapter also makes mention of "promote the general welfare!" I do not have a specific piece, though I need to write one (this means, as it says, policies for the GENERAL WELFARE OF ALL, not specific checks to select few) in the near future (keep an eye out for it at - sadly the Before It's News site does not have a "subscribe" option that you could employ to make you aware of each new blog/article that I may post as they come available in real-time. Though I have something semi-related in an old RedState article that I wrote: back in 2009. As well as first mention/reference to THE AMERICAN DREAM - see related:​.

In “FLASHBACK” chapter notion of “The Enemy of my Enemy” concept was dealt with, but not with direct reference to the phrase (Russia as part of Western Allies in WWII, and as happening at times with the “War on Terror” operations) – more: (let me say up-front though, regarding this link, it is a quick, very brief, admittedly “odd,” drive-by kind of article based upon a social media post - making just a few statements to make the point. It is NOT indicative of most my articles, that are far more detailed analysis of particular subject-matter contained in them. See too the "ATROCITY" chapter below.

In “LOVE VS FAKE HATE” chapter…
1) The blog referenced there-in:
2) The other mass-slaughter of abortion is mentioned. Related: as well as: and
Life matters! All Lives Matter!
3) Chapter references to modern “WOKEism” (“Political Correctness” on steroids). More on that see afore-mentioned: as well as:

4) Trump's "Good People" speech that is spun examined:
5) "Gaytivism" (aka: "Gaytivists" (and is there really a Gay vs Christian divide)) - see: 
and Brandon Straka (a Gay man himself, disillusioned by the Left's "Identity Politics" division and hate) who started the #WALKAWAY (from Democrats hashtag movement):
6) "Red pill" - see: and

In “9/11” chapter, the mention of the United States Judeo/Christian Foundations was/is briefly mentioned but not expounded upon (not an immediate need for historical references this book is dealing with). A related piece you may wish to review, not going much into that, but instead “FEDERALISM” is online as “Federalists and Federalism (of today), nowhere near the same mold as our Founders (of yesteryear) that wrote the Federalist Papers (excerpts of my Sat. September 11, 2021 speech)” is available online at: There is, however, additional links contained within to other (AUDIO) speeches where Kristina Karamo dives deeper into the religious foundations of the nation which in-my-opinion is very worthy of listening to. WaybackMachine archive of the original 9/11 blog in the chapter can be viewed at:

Is Nostradamus' prediction yet to come, could it be an Iranian Nuclear strike on NYC?
A plea for Charitable giving is made in the blog in this chapter, I ask you still consider helping so many Charities that help others regarding so many different needs - see:
See also (fellow ILLUMIFY author): Ann Van Hine - Pieces Falling:

 “COMIC RELIEF” chapter was potentially targeted for elimination and just some of its point(s) relocated to other chapters. However, it did not land up being cut or trimmed, it appears in full in the final publication; including mention/tribute to Jessica Star, Robin Williams, and others (RIP).
Also chapter related: (AUDIO),, and 2022 discussion addition:

Also, the serious end to the chapter, we are called to act, not just speak: and (part 2)

Lastly, RUSH "Show Don't Tell" tune is mentioned there-in, so if you care to take a musical interlude/break with me here - pop up: (The RUSH video) which, not so coincidentally, is on their PRESTO release (and the rabbit from the hat magic), and a foreshadowing of/to/for "MISDIRECTION" chapter. You may listen to that tune in new light going forward, after you've read all of TERROR STRIKES and all the things interlaced in that song that relate within the pages.

 “LAUGHLIN” (originally titled: “Sin City”) chapter is complete in the published book version too. However, I just wanted to provide link to my article on VEGAS area written back in 2018:

In “YYZ” (which is the airport code for Toronto Ontario Canada (and, yes, the Canadian Rock group title of one of their instrumental tunes)) chapter introduces the notion about twisting of language in today’s “Political Correctness” / “Woke” world. In order to justify policy positions, some try redefine words  or phrases; and sadly at times lie about whole book contents, including Bible (aside from the denominational variations).
Related: and latest being “Fair” addressed in:
The chapter also references another RUSH song "Wish Them Well" (music video at:

In “ATROCITY” chapter deals with war/terror atrocities, but was written before the Putin/Russia invasion of Ukraine –  therefore this is a TERROR STRIKES website only reference -- see related:

In "MISDIRECTION" chapter discussions:1) The History of misdirection as part of magic and psychology:
2) Constantine and early New Testament mentioned. For further investigation in that regard and the Council at Nicaea - see:
3) Gods of Egypt: and


Additional subject-matter related

Joseph M. Lenard on social media (most platforms): @JLenardDetroit (articles:

The “War on Terror” like WWII has brought on some unlikely Allies at times.
and like Russia during WWII there-after an EIGHT DECADE ENEMY:

The "One man's Terrorist is anothers Freedom Fighter dichotomy"

Fascism in America (or, who are the modern Nazi’s) is briefly mentioned – see: 

Some seem to twist their faith, to fit their political agenda, rather than their faith shaping their politics as should be; or one’s faith is clearly not so “primary” a concern in their life – see: https//

The warping of language – For Greater Good and more:

and what may or may not have been left out of your Religious texts:

"All that is required for Evil to prevail, is good people do nothing!"
Always FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT - see (also not coincidentally, as so far as this book goes, on an album titled: ALLIED FORCES):  (Evil That's Within - Cryptic Writings:

See too my Friends' books...
Patrick Colbeck's (and fellow ILLUMIFY author) Wrestling Gators (draining the Lansing Michigan political swamp):
Bruce Fleury's (who wrote the FOREWORD for TERROR STRIKES) The Negro Project (Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood slaughter): 
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser's Reform: A Battle For The Soul Of Islam:   
Neil Mammen's Jesus Is Involved In Politics Why Aren't You?
Ed Temple's The Last Terrorists


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